Presentations and Reports

presentations and reports

Presenting ideas, changes, business objectives or results to your colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders is an important task that should be executed meticulously. However, given the busy schedule of work, one often finds no time to work on presentations and reports, or crucial spreadsheets containing charts and figures.

You should therefore consider delegating the task.

Services provided by Virteffic

Virteffic provides virtual assistant and administration services which include assistance with presentations and reports. The services offered are extensive, and below are some examples of work that can be done for your business.

  • Research – You can get help to conduct time-consuming research online. Virteffic can also assist with conducting market research, either through correspondence with your clients or via social media.
  • Data Entry – It is one of the most repetitive and laborious administrative tasks. Virteffic can assist with updating your systems, data base and schedules with data and information.
  • Analyze – Virteffic can also analyze date, assist with calculations and formulas, and present statistics. As part of the task, Virteffic could also assist to prepare charts and graphs to illustrate the key points. If you need any other graphical content or images then this could be arranged also.
  • Presentations and Reports – When you are preparing for a meeting, a presentation is oftern one of the most essential documents. But, these presentations can take long to prepare. Virteffic can assist to put together a report, article, or presentation of the findings to be presented. This can be prepared using PowerPoint presentations, excel schedules, word file, or any other format that you require.
  • Social Media– If you would like to share any of the key results or findings on social media, then Virteffic can assist to convert the material into the correct format. Virteffic’s provides numereous services relating to social media including content creation and posting services.

Background and Merits

I studied analytical finance and statistics at University, which included several courses in mathematics and statistics. In addition, I am very talented with Excel and Power Point. By way of background, I am a qualified chartered secretary and an associate of ICSA. I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science in both economics and financial administration. For further background, I invite you to review my Bio and CV.

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