Virteffic is recruiting for a larger team

I am excited to announce that Virteffic is recruiting for a larger team. Virteffic is looking for ambitious, self-motivated, highly organised individuals with positive attitudes. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing and innovative company, with roles that may be developed over time.

Both roles have flexible working hours and a remote work environment where you will primarily work from home. You will generally work a variable number of hours per week, a small portion of these hours may be fixed, and other hours can be scheduled at your convenience. It may be necessary to work more hours during peak times and when deadlines are close. the successful candidates will be part of a small team that will work closely together and have regular team meetings in a non-traditional manner where we catch up somewhere for coffee, breakfast, or a walk to plan the coming weeks.

We are recruiting for a new Personal Assistant

The role will be varied and include personal assistant and administrative support to the director of Virteffic, to clients and to provide additional support to the wider business. This may require picking up and delivering meeting material, recordings, marketing materials etc. and driving licence is therefore essential. You will be required to provide excellent internal and external client service by phone, email and in person. You will also be requested to assist with social media services, and your creative ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

We are recruiting for a new Senior Administrator

The role will be varied and include administrative services and secretarial support to a variety of clients, as and when required. Minute drafting skills are essential.

Find out more

You can visit our website to find out more about Virteffic. Get in touch if you are in interested in any of our roles we are recruiting for and if you want to proceed with an application.

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