A Virtual Support Team- Flexibility and efficiency

Team Virteffic is a virtual support team who collaborate remotely to service our clients. Having recently expanded, our new larger team means that our clients now have access to diverse skills and expertise with the team working together to manage the workload and provide an efficient service with support from their team manager.

Members of our team were selected on their ability to work independently, professionally and have excellent communication skills. Flexibility and convenience are at the heart of the services we provide (together with professionalism and confidentiality), our workforce do not work on a 9-5 basis and are therefore available to provide a prompt and comprehensive service.

A varied skillset allows the client to access more services with varying fee levels, we are able to undertake a large variety of delegated tasks examples of which include: Correspondence, data entry, calendar management, book meetings, social media management, proof reading, meeting preparation, draft minutes and much, much more!

Anything that can be delegated can be delegated to us!

As a result the client can focus on growing their business and servicing their clients. Delegating services to our team can increase productivity and efficiency within the client’s business and can prove to be more cost effective than employing a permanent member of staff. Our fee structure allows further flexibility and we can tailor our packages to the client’s needs on a “pay as you go” basis where the client only pays for the services and time they require. Furthermore when you engage with Virteffic you can access the services of the whole team or one specific team member.

So start considering those tasks that can be delegated to our flexible, professional and diligent team and contact Tess at Virteffic to find out more.

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