How we protect our business – and yours

Security and confidentiality are vital for our business! As part of our cybersecurity strategy, we have invested in all the technology and software required to ensure we can work securely and efficiently (it is our highest expense after payroll). Mitigating risk is crucial for keeping our business protected – and yours.

Virteffic supplies laptops and devices to all the virtual assistants in our team, which have added security layers, two-factor authentication, ransomware protection, and Bitlocker for encrypting local hard disk drives. Password complexity, password expiration policy, custom banned password list, and smart lockout are implemented. 

We rely on Microsoft 365 professional to provide comprehensive tools to our daily operations. This is the safest windows ever, which features control access to sensitive information using encryption to help keep data from being accidentally shared. We understand that this has its limitations, and we have IT support from Logicalis (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Azure Expert Partner) for added protection. This frees our business up to concentrate on its core business operations while protecting our systems and data from phishing, malware, and spam attacks. They assist us in delivering a security level, monitoring, and maintenance, such as checking for security updates and installing security patches. All Virteffic devices have to be enrolled into endpoint management service based on Intune, where the rollout of Microsoft security updates, bug fixes, and critical patches are managed. This is subject to a monthly management cycle where security status is regularly checked. The endpoints are monitored with alerts when a unit becomes non-compliant; this will begin a remediation workflow. These extra measures will make the environment that much more difficult to compromise.

It is essential to remain vigilant and be mindful of the potential threats. Every month, the Virteffic team members receive cyber security awareness from an external provider. The latest modules completed covered topics such as Phishing, staying safe in the cloud, mobile device security, and internet security.

We will regularly review and enhance our procedures to ensure our systems and data are kept safe, confidential, and protected from unauthorized access, accidental loss, misuse, and abuse.

Some of our clients opt for us to operate within their Citrix environment or by laptops provided by them. We are flexible to use such devices and systems that bring the most comfort to our clients. We have numerous communication options available, and our clients will choose a communication style that works best for them.

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