Wellbeing at Virteffic

Wellbeing in Virteffic

Following the expansion of the team, we have created separate sub-groups to be responsible over different areas within Virteffic. Sports, Social and Wellbeing (SSW) covers activities we can do with and for our team. The purpose of the SSW committee is to have a central team who bring enthusiasm and collaborate on sports, social and wellbeing with the ultimate aim to make Virteffic the best place to work. Remote teamwork looks much different than in-office teamwork. Virtual offices tend to have less camaraderie than traditional offices which is something we want to avoid. A key aspect of the SSW is to create opportunities to bond with our virtual colleagues. 

Over the past few weeks we have been attending a bi-weekly yoga session with Mel Rabet in the park.

Yoga provides physical and mental health benefits, such as, improving strength, balance and flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety levels and boost immunity.

Attending these sessions have allowed the team to connect in an informal way while enjoying being outside in the sun and within nature.

We start each session with relaxation and just breathing following by slowing waking up and stretching the body. Any tension held within our body is released and it gives us a new lease of life which benefits us from being productive the rest of the day.

3 ways you can integrate yoga into your workspace:

  • Attending sessions before or after the working day with a yoga instructor in the workplace
  • Simple chair yoga stretches
  • Simple yoga stretches during a team huddle/buzz/pitstop

You can search online for office yoga stretches that you can do as part of making wellbeing a priority within your workspace!

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