Pride of Jersey – Inspirational Leader of the Year

When the team saw submissions for the Pride of Jersey awards open, we knew that Tess Price (Founder, Director and Senior Virtual Assistant) of Virteffic Limited suited the title of ‘Inspirational Leader of the Year’.

The submission could be no longer than 250 words but we had so much more we wanted to add!

Tess and the Virteffic concept are an inspiring positive change; leading the way to create opportunities for employees to build their own work, home, life balance in an industry with a typically profit driven culture, whilst also supporting all sorts of local organisations throughout what is one of the toughest employment markets in years!

As a leader, Tess is so approachable and really understands the importance of well-being for employees with outdoor yoga sessions, social events, charitable events and local sports club sponsorships. 

She has set up a Sports, Social and Wellbeing committee to ensure that these important interactions are made within the team regularly and that our wellbeing is paramount. We have a full schedule of activities to cover all elements of this committee. 

Tess works extremely hard to build a business model that genuinely puts employees first and provides opportunities for those who cannot commit to static working hours, whilst cultivating an ethos oindependence and flexibilityThis provides the team with an opportunity to work when they are the most productive and motivated.



Tess provides support to make sure no one is feeling the pressure, and all with such a genuine way about her that always makes you feel appreciated and trusted.

The Jersey community recently came together to overcome unprecedented times, but individuals became more isolated than ever, which makes the opportunity to work with someone like Tess, who fosters a feeling of connection and community in so many ways, all the more appreciated. 

Tess values daily connections with family and friends and even encourages the health benefits of cuddle breaks with pets at home!

Tess should be celebrated for her contribution not only towards the island community as a whole, but also for her dedication to her team and the wider support she provides to a varied group of organisations across the island through Virteffic.

Tess is a finalist for the ‘Inspirational Leader of the Year’ award. 

If you’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Tess or know the support she has provided to not only her team but the local community, we would appreciate it if you could vote for her.

Vote here:  Inspirational Leader of the Year – Pride of Jersey

The closing date is at midnight on 25 August

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