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Virteffic has a team of qualified chartered secretaries and experienced individuals who deeply understand corporate governance practices. We have a unique position where we are invited into board rooms for businesses of all sizes, including funds and trust companies, wealth advisors and insurance companies, legal firms, doctor practices, non-profit organisations, and charities. We can therefore stay on top of best practice as well as regulatory requirements in relation to corporate governance.

Our Services

We can assist your company in implementing a corporate governance framework that aligns with your business objectives, culture and values. We can also assist with the preparation of action plans, specific governance policies, and procedures to implement the corporate governance framework.

Our reviews include meetings with key stakeholders, attendance at board/committee meetings and a comprehensive assessment of policies, procedures, and practices.

The aim is to help you improve your corporate governance framework, including the effectiveness of underlying processes and to ensure effective decision-making, transparency, and accountability within the organisation.

It can also further enhance board effectiveness and promote alignment with legislative and regulatory requirements, governance standards, and industry best practices.

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The corporate governance calendar, also known as a board calendar or agenda planner, is an annual plan of items that require the board’s (or committee’s) attention. It is useful to make sure that sufficient time is allocated for all the essential fiduciary, strategic, regulatory and board development items and that no mandatory items are missed during the year.

We can assist with the preparation of a Corporate Governance Calendar for your organisation and help identify the key events and requirements throughout the course of a year in your jurisdiction.

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Well-informed and high-quality decision-making is fundamental to the effectiveness of the board. Challenge, as well as teamwork, is essential, and diversity amongst the board’s members is an important driver of effectiveness. Board members have a duty of care to the company’s shareholders and have a duty to act within their powers, promote the success of the company and exercise independent judgment and avoid and disclose any conflicts of interest. In short, the board must display leadership, effectiveness, and accountability.

A Board Effectiveness Review is designed to evaluate the performance of an organisation’s board of directors, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall effectiveness of the Board. A Board Effectiveness Review can help Boards improve their decision-making processes, strengthen board composition, and enhance board dynamics.

The review can be conducted internally by an independent party (for example, the Company Secretary) or (and many regulators prefer this stance) an external provider, such as Virteffic, with support from the Company Secretary. 

Engaging an independent reviewer can bring greater objectivity and fresh insights to the process, and to help the board identify any issues that it might need to address. 

The Board Effectiveness Review would normally be scheduled to be completed on an annual basis and form part of the annual obligations of the company.

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We can assist you in raising the profile of governance and the key roles of your Directors and the Company Secretary.

We can deliver presentations and/or training to enhance the understanding of governance practises the duties of the directors, the role of the company secretary, and in relation to drafting minutes.  

Complete our online form to provide the details we require to get started. The information will be used to prepare a proposed training plan, including a draft syllabus for your review and a fee proposal.

Virteffic has a team with qualified chartered secretaries and experienced individuals who can help with all aspects relating to meetings. We have extensive corporate and fund secretarial experience and routinely prepare the minutes for board meetings, committee meetings, shareholder meetings, trustee meetings, HR matters, and so on. We will always prepare the minutes efficiently, professionally, and promptly, and with the utmost confidentiality.  The services offered by Virteffic include:

  • attend meetings and assist your company secretary1 with drafting the minutes;
  • prepare minutes from recordings;
  • preparing notices and agendas;
  • co-ordinate the meetings; 
  • assist the Company Secretary in planning and maintaining the annual Board and Committee meetings calendars;
  • collating and distributing papers for the Board or Committee meetings; and
  • summarise and circulate action points in accordance with an agreed timeline.

We can offer a fee quote (time spent, fixed fee or package fee) for minutes and meetings once you have confirmed the number of meetings and the approximate length of each meeting.

Virteffic will not accept an appointment as the Company Secretary as Virteffic does not provide any regulated services, or activities which would require us to be a “registered person” under and as defined in the Financial Services (Jersey) 1998, as amended.

Instant Access to Top Talent

The team consist of experienced, qualified professionals with hard-to-find skills and long experience in the regulated financial industry. We pride ourselves on being flexible, efficient, diligent, knowledgeable and discrete. 

Corporate governance is critical for any good business. It ensures that the board of directors meet regularly to discharge their duties and that the directors, company secretary, key persons and the committees have clearly defined duties. It is essential for building trust and confidence among stakeholders. Corporate governance is also essential for a robust risk management system. In addition, it guides and protects you to always act in the best interest of the business, and it can also improve its overall performance.

Virteffic has a team of qualified chartered secretaries and experienced individuals who possess a deep understanding of corporate governance principles and practices.

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Virteffic Limited (“Virteffic“) is not regulated or licensed under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, as amended (the “Financial Services Law“). Accordingly, Virteffic does not provide any regulated services and does not engage in any regulated activities that would necessitate us to be a “registered person” as defined under the Financial Services Law. In cases where a regulated activity is required, you will need to engage the services of a firm that is registered under the Financial Services Law to provide such services. Virteffic may offer certain secretarial support and administration services as a virtual assistant, however, the services are of an administrative nature only. Your appointed company secretary and/or the directors of your company have full responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the work that Virteffic does for you, to have the final sign-off and to check the work before it is released, published and/or executed.