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Contact us for a free consultation. The purpose is to find a solution tailored to your business.
After our consultation, Virteffic will summarise what was discussed and provide a detailed proposal of what services we can offer together with a fee estimate for your consideration. 

We can offer a fixed fee quote for minutes and meetings once you have confirmed the number of meetings and the approximate length of each meeting.

The conduct of the Board effectiveness review can take two primary approaches. It can be handled internally or, as preferred by many regulators, entrusted to an external provider like Virteffic. Complete the online form to provide the details we require to get started. 

Complete the online form to provide the details we require to get started. The information will be used to prepare a proposed training plan, including a draft syllabus for your review and a fee proposal.

We are always happy to catch up for a coffee (which may be by video call), to discuss opportunities to work in our team. Our interviews are discreet, relaxed, and friendly – evenings or weekend catch-ups are available if that fits better with your schedule.
You can also contact Tess Price if you want to book an appointment, or if you have any questions. 

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We are always happy to catch up for a call or for a coffee to discuss opportunities and collaborations.

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If you have any questions, please contact us:

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Virteffic Limited (“Virteffic“) is not regulated or licensed under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, as amended (the “Financial Services Law“). Accordingly, Virteffic does not provide any regulated services and does not carry on any regulated activities which would require us to be a “registered person” under and defined in the Financial Services Law. Where it is necessary for such a regulated activity is to be carried out, you will be required to use the services of a firm that is registered under the Financial Services Law, to provide such services. Virteffic may provide certain secretarial support and administration services as a virtual assistant, however, the services are of an administrative nature only and your appointed company secretary and/or the directors of your company have full responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the work that Virteffic does for you, to have the final sign-off and to check the work before it is released, published and/or executed.