Communication is important

Communication is important

Effective communication is always important. Virteffic Limited provides virtual assistant services to other businesses.

Communication is therefore particularly important at Virteffic, due to the virtual nature of the relationship. Consequently, guidelines based on your preference will be set at outset.

Effective communication is not just a one-way interaction. It will always be a collaborative and professional relationship when you work with Vireffic.

Virteffic includes communication as a core principles of its business. The five circles in the Virteffic logo represents these principles which are:


Above all, Virteffic is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Ultimately, we wish to make our working relationship a success.

If you are reluctant or find it difficult to delegate your work – start with small steps. Some clients may just delegate a small “test” task for say 2 hours and wait to see the result before delegating further tasks. The great thing is that the service agreement is drafted so that you only pay for the time and services that you require and you can stop at any time.

It takes time to build up trust, and with time, you will find it easier to delegate. Eventually, you will start seeing the results, and experience reduced pressure. You will then start noticing more and more delegation opportunities as new projects come up.

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