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Team Virteffic is a virtual team who collaborate remotely to service our clients. A larger team means more resources available, with different skill sets and expertise that operate at different fee levels. It is a viable solution that is simple, has low cost and offers great flexibility. Our virtual team members work efficiently and provides flexibility to you and your business at a low cost. 

Communication is important. Our standard practice is to clearly and consistently communicate with our clients in relation to expectations around tasks, deadlines and capacity.  We use regular reminders and an internal project management software system so that our virtual team can be just as effective as if they were working together in an office. Senior support is available for the virtual team to provide guidance and assistance when needed, before reaching out to the clients should any further information be required.

Security and confidentiality is vital for our business. Virteffic has invested in all the technology and software required to ensure we can work securely and efficiently, and we also have IT support from a local provider on hand if required. We have numerous communication options available and our clients will choose a communication style that works best for them. 

We recognise that remote work is not right for everyone. When building our team, we make sure we choose people who are flexible, highly organised workers who can work independently with the support of their virtual team manager, and who thrive in a remote work setup. All our team members are reliable, with excellent communication skills. You can contract with Virteffic to receive services from the full team, who will manage the workload together as a collaborative team. You can also choose to contract with only one specific team member. 

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Tess Price
Director & Senior Virtual Assistant
Secretarial Support & Admin Services

I am Tess Price, the founder and one of the virtual assistants of Virteffic Limited.

By way of background, I am a qualified chartered secretary and an associate of ICSA,  with a strong academic background and senior management experience in the corporate, trust and fiduciary business in Jersey. This has given me deep technical expertise and extensive knowledge of local legislation and regulatory requirements. My expertise is most noteworthy in minute writing, governance, policies and procedures, and in all aspects of company secretarial work.

Joining Soon
Senior Virtual Assistant
Secretarial Support & Admin Services

The senior virtual assistant will deliver high quality administration and secretarial support services to a variety of clients, on a remote basis.


Joining Soon
Virtual Assistant
Personal Assistant & Admin Services

Our virtual assistant will provide high-quality personal and administrative support with focus on PA, executive assistant and marketing services as well as administrative services, including the following services: managing emails and calls, calendar management, bookings, itineraries and travel arrangements, customer services, bookings and reservations, and social media services.

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Virteffic is a new, innovative, and flexible company. We want to foster an innovative and collaborative working environment that delivers the best solutions to our clients. As virtual assistants, the Virteffic team works as an extension to the client’s in-house team.

We are always interested to connect with ambitious, self-motivated, highly organised individuals with positive attitudes. Get in touch if you want register an interest for any roles that may becomes available. 

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Virteffic will not accept an appointment as the company secretary as Virteffic will not provide any regulated services, or activities that would require us to be a “registered person” under and as defined in the Financial Services (Jersey) 1998, as amended. Virteffic Limited may provide certain secretarial support and administration services, however, the services are of an administrative nature only and your appointed company secretary and/or the directors of your company have full responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the work that Virteffic do for you, to have the final sign off and to check the work before it is released, published and/or executed.