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“Avoid the cost and hassle of hiring a permanent administrator or secretarial officer”

Virteffic Limited, based in Jersey, Channel Islands, is a virtual assistant company with focus on secretarial support and administration services.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides services from a remote location. Accordingly, the services offered are remarkably diverse, as detailed in the list of services. 

Firstly, hiring an additional staff member can be too costly. Fear and uncertainty from the latest global challenge spells trouble for a lot of businesses and institutions across all sectors. In light of this, it may not be the time to hire an employee. The concept of virtual assistants is attractive since it has a low cost, low risk, and high flexibility, which is appreciated in this period of uncertainty. A virtual assistant is an alternative to hiring a full-time administrator or secretarial officer with no impact on your operational costs. In conclusion, it is modern, convenient, and cost-efficient.  Virteffic can assist as an extension to your on-site employees. In general a virtual assistant can perform most tasks that a regular employee can do. 

A virtual assistant can have a pivotal role in boosting productivity and efficiency. Evidently, you can do more in less time and also make a bigger impact when you’re able to concentrate on what you do best. Let Virteffic support your business so that you can get back to growing your business. Most compelling, this will provide you with more time to spend on what matters the most to you.

The name Virteffic comes from Virtual and Efficiency with Tess (me) in the middle. 

Virteffic can assist as an extension to your on-site employees. A Virtual Assistant can perform most tasks that a regular employee can do.

Virteffic’s packages are fully flexible and tailored to the needs of your business. Some clients may just need assistance as a one-off for a specific project. There may also be a need to cover during temporary staff absence. Other clients may need close to full-time support whilst they are recruiting for a permanent employee. 

The great thing is that the service agreement is drafted so that you only pay for the time and services that you require. Furthermore, you can stop using the services at any time.

A virtual assistant is a person who provides services from a remote location. Accordingly, the services offered are remarkably diverse. The services provided by Virteffic are comprehensive and divided into the following key areas:

Executive and TechnicalAdministrationCreative, and Lifestyle.

Given that the role itself can vary quite greatly, and so the skill set and experience required, the fees for a virtual assistant varies.

Virteffic is transparent with its pricing and fees. Accordingly, we will provide a fee breakdown in our proposal and service agreement. In addition, a detailed invoice will be provided at the end of the contract or fee period together with a time sheet.

Let me handle the day to day administration so you can

focus on growing your business

Tess Price Virteffic support your business

I am Tess Price

I am the founder and the Virtual Assistant behind Virteffic Limited. By way of a background, I am a qualified chartered secretary and an associate of ICSA. Furthermore, I have a Bachelor of Soc.Sc. in both Economics and in Financial Administration from Mälardalens University in Sweden. In addition, my CV  includes a master thesis in marketing and also several courses in mathematics and statistics. I have deep technical expertise and an excellent understanding of the financial industry, from having worked in the finance, private wealth and corporate services industry in Jersey for almost 15 years. My expertise is most noteworthy in governance, procedures and in all aspects of company secretarial work. The experience I have gained means I bring a diverse set of skills, enabling me to support your business. I thrive on planning, organising and solving problems. I can therefore help you find the best way to tackle administrative tasks. 

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