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Virteffic is an innovative, and flexible company. We want to foster a collaborative working environment that delivers the best solutions to our clients. As virtual assistants, the Virteffic team works as an extension to the client’s in-house team, or as an alternative for those clients who do not want to (or do not need to) commit to hiring an employee.

Our team work closely together and have regular face-to-face meetings. However, the core concept of Virteffic is to provide remote services, and therefore the full workforce is working from home the majority of the time. Virteffic provides full flexibility in when and where people work. The aim is to have energised, motivated, happy  team members who care for the business as much as I (Tess) do. This creates a much better morale and atmosphere for both workers and clients – and better results too!

We are always interested to connect with ambitious, self-motivated, highly organised individuals with positive attitudes. Get in touch if you want to register an interest in any roles that may become available.

Please note that you would need to be resident and entitled to work in either Jersey or Guernsey (Channel Islands) in order to work with us.

Current Opportunities

Are you looking for a flexible, modern way of working to fit in with your lifestyle? Working at Virteffic provides an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing company with a role that can be developed over time. As a virtual assistant, you will collaborate with our team remotely to provide high-quality services to a variety of clients.

We are looking for experienced minute writers in Jersey or Guernsey to meet the growing demand for our services. We are looking for a self-motivated, highly organised, experienced minute writer to join our innovative business as a Senior Virtual Assistant. As a virtual assistant, you will collaborate with our team remotely to provide high-quality services to a variety of clients. Drafting minutes is our core service, so previous experience in a corporate governance or company secretarial role is required. The candidate must be available to attend board and committee meetings when required (face-to-face or by video conference such as Ms Teams).  You will generally work a variable number of hours per week at your own discretion (ideally, at least 20-25 hours per week requested). 

We are looking for an advanced minute writer who can assist us from time to time, particularly in the afternoon/evening and during busier periods such as school holidays. Are you looking for a flexible role that works around the school holidays? Perhaps you are a student, or you have given up a full-time job and are only looking to work a couple of weeks or months each year. Our team capacity drops during school holidays, and we are therefore looking for someone to support us during those periods, and of course, there is also an opportunity to provide support during the rest of the year. The ideal candidate is flexible and willing to work fewer hours during less busy periods. Minute writing skills and experience from a company secretarial and/or corporate governance role are required.

Virteffic Limited (“Virteffic“) is seeking a skilled and proactive Virtual Assistant to join our team, specialising in Personal Assistance (PA) and Executive Assistance (EA), with additional responsibilities in social media and website management. The ideal candidate will excel in providing comprehensive administrative support to executives, managing social media accounts, and overseeing website-related tasks. This is a fantastic opportunity for an organised and detail-oriented individual who thrives in a virtual work environment.

You will be in total control of setting your own hours, but due to the nature of this role, the ideal candidate would seek to work on or around traditional 9-5 hours to be available for inbox management and calendar updates.  

What is the best thing about working at Virteffic?

Working at Virteffic has allowed me the flexibility that I have never had in another role. I am provided deadlines to complete my work and when I do this is up to me, it has created a work/life balance that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 

Due to the internal and external work available, every day is different which allows me to work on a variety of tasks and the opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge, which I enjoy. I feel valued as a team member and trusted with the tasks that I am provided.  

As a mother to two young children, I love the flexibility that Virteffic gives me to fit my work around them, whether its helping on a school trip or if one of them is ill. I have the autonomy to decide when I work. I really enjoy the diversity of clients and internal work that we have and no two days are the same.

I am excited to have joined this modern company that has a fresh approach to the traditional 9-5!

I enjoy the work life balance that Virteffic gives me, choosing to work when it suits me. No day is the same and I enjoy being part of all things ‘Virteffic’.

I enjoy the flexibility that Virteffic gives me, without removing the feeling of being part of a team.

I can work around my family’s schedule and make last minute changes to my day. If the weather is nice I can spend the day outside and do the work at night and feel like I always have the support of my colleagues whenever and wherever I choose to work.

Being a Mum of two young boys whilst still maintaining a career has resulted in me spending the last 10 years rushing around and never having enough hours in the day. Any parent knows that children are so very rewarding, but they are also the most demanding 24/7 job most of us ever have! Trying to work that into a traditional office role where I am required to be in the office around a set structured day was unsustainable and exhausting. Having the opportunity to build a role to fit around my lifestyle and responsibilities has been pivotal in allowing me to find a much more attainable work/life balance.

What I enjoy most is the freedom and flexibility – which everyone at Virteffic can benefit from. I love to travel and always struggled with the “normal” holiday allowance when I was employed in a more traditional role. 

Now I can work more during the busier period and then take time off more often. We ask that team members keep us informed of their holiday plans, but there is no need to submit a formal request to “ask for permission”. I also enjoy that I can play padel or schedule hair appointments and other personal appointments during weekdays, and I no longer need to compete for those valuable Saturday slots. 

About Virteffic

Virteffic is an innovative, and flexible company, encouraging staff to develop and grow with the company and to share their ideas. We want to foster an innovative and collaborative working environment that delivers the best solutions to our clients. As virtual assistants, the Virteffic team works as an extension of the client’s in-house team. We also assist with a temporary solution to fill resourcing gaps – or as an alternate, more flexible solution to hiring a permanent administrator or secretary.

Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Employment

Virteffic is committed to diversity and inclusion, which will consider all qualified applicants from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or belief and gender identity.

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We are always happy to catch up for a coffee (which may be by video call), to discuss opportunities to work in our team. Our interviews are discreet, relaxed, and friendly - evenings or weekend catch-ups are available if that fits better with your schedule.

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Virteffic Limited (“Virteffic“) is not regulated or licensed under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, as amended (the “Financial Services Law“). Accordingly, Virteffic does not provide any regulated services and does not engage in any regulated activities that would necessitate us to be a “registered person” as defined under the Financial Services Law. In cases where a regulated activity is required, you will need to engage the services of a firm that is registered under the Financial Services Law to provide such services. Virteffic may offer certain secretarial support and administration services as a virtual assistant, however, the services are of an administrative nature only. Your appointed company secretary and/or the directors of your company have full responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the work that Virteffic does for you, to have the final sign-off and to check the work before it is released, published and/or executed.