Positive Impact

Virteffic has participated in a number of initiatives since the outset to deliver positive social and environmental impacts.

What does Virteffic do to invest in our planet?

Use the internet, not trees. During the pandemic, a lot of businesses have had to adapt to an electronic way of working. At Virteffic, all of our work with clients, billing, payroll and task lists are electronic, reducing the use of paper. Everything is kept in a central virtual location for the appropriate team to access, which makes it easier to keep notes, make updates, share changes and, more importantly, kept secure.

The Virteffic team members are mainly working from home, which has benefited from less office waste and energy usage. On the occasions we work at our office or in different locations for team and client meetings, we walk, cycle or car share to assist with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel usage.

Our team uses reusable water bottles to keep hydrated and reusable coffee cups for those days we are on the go and need a caffeine boost. Paper and disposable cups are covered with a plastic film which means most coffee cups can’t be recycled. Keep this in mind when you next get a takeaway coffee!

Simple acts make a big impact! Together we can create sustainable value.

Our charity and community work

Our charity and community work

Virteffic offers charitable rates when helping charities and non-profit organisations with minutes and other admin to cover our payroll costs (e.g. not for profit-making purposes). 

We also donate money to charities over the year through a couple of initiatives.

In addition, we support the community through sponsorships. We have sponsored Silhouette Studios in February 2022, the Jersey Raquetball festival in April 2022, a Durell Tortoise for the Trinity School in January 2023, and a rowing boat for a local team of rowers in 2023. We have also agreed to a three-year sponsorship for St Peter’s Football Club.


Our sponsorships enable us to connect and engage with the local community in line with our strategic objectives. Since its inception, Virteffic has been actively involved in social and environmental initiatives. We will continue to support areas that our team feels passionate about and that align with our brand and core values. Donations enable us to engage our team members, meet our CSR and ESG targets, and empower our local community.

Do you want support from our team? 

It is always a pleasure to hear about new ways in which we can support our local community. If you would like to apply for sponsorship, we will evaluate your request according to our criteria, core values, and brand fit.

Doing things differently

Message from Tess

At Virteffic, the well-being of our staff is a top priority. Virteffic was set up as I wanted more flexible working hours and a better life-work balance. I am proud to be able to offer the same to all members in our growing team. Everyone who works for Virteffic is in complete control of their own hours. This opens up opportunities for those who can’t or don’t want to work in a traditional 9-5 office role.

Since we started to recruit and Virteffic grew into a team of more than just me, the focus has always been to look after and appreciate the team members. Our sports, social and well-being committee was set up early to help with this. We have regular activities and giveaways, so everyone remembers their importance and value!

I believe in sharing the success with the team and promoting an environment where everyone can share their ideas and views, with regular catch-ups and forums for discussion.

The team members are also encouraged to take an active role in planning and attending CSR and ESG activities. 

About Virteffic

Virteffic is an innovative and flexible company, encouraging staff to develop and grow with the company and to share their ideas. We want to foster an innovative and collaborative working environment that delivers the best solutions to our clients. As virtual assistants, the Virteffic team works as an extension of the client’s in-house team. We also assist with a temporary solution to fill resourcing gaps.

Get in touch with us

We are always happy to catch up for a coffee (which may be by video call), to discuss opportunities and collaborations.

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