Does your business need additional support?

Does your business need additional support with minutes, administration, or project work? Let Virteffic support your business so that you can focus on your clients. The services are fully flexible and tailored to the needs of your business. You can use the services for a couple of hours only, or get regular support as often as you wish. Furthermore, you can stop using the services at any time.

Additional Support from a Virtual Assistant

The concept of virtual assistants is attractive. Primarily, it has a low cost, low risk, and high flexibility, which is appreciated in this period of uncertainty. A virtual assistant is an alternative to hiring a full-time administrator or secretarial officer. Having a virtual assistant will provide your business with additional support with no impact on your operational costs. For example, you don’t have to supply a desk or any office space. Moreover, there are no benefits to pay, no training costs, utility bills, or even internet connection.

In conclusion, it is modern, convenient, and cost-efficient.  Virteffic can assist as an extension to your on-site employees. In general, a virtual assistant can perform most tasks that a regular employee can do. 

Virteffic’s packages are fully flexible and tailored to the needs of your business. Some clients may just need additional support as a one-off for a specific project. There may also be a need to cover during temporary staff absence. Other clients may need close to full-time support whilst they are recruiting for a permanent employee.

Background and Merits

I am Tess Price, the founder and virtual assistant of Virteffic Limited. By way of background, I am a qualified chartered secretary and an associate of ICSA. I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science in both economics and financial administration. I have been working in the private wealth and corporate services industry in Jersey for 15 years. This has given me strong technical expertise and an excellent understanding of the finance industry. My expertise is most noteworthy in minute writing, governance, policies & procedures, and in all aspects of company secretarial work. I invite you to review my Bio and CV for further details.

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