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In the intricate world of corporate governance, precision and attention to detail are paramount. Every decision, discussion, and resolution carries immense significance, demanding flawless board minutes that truly encapsulate the essence of each meeting.

Virteffic has a team of qualified chartered secretaries and experienced individuals. We have extensive corporate and fund secretarial experience and routinely prepare the minutes for board meetings, committee meetings, and provide secretarial support services to businesses of all sizes.

We have become a trusted support firm that assists businesses of all sizes, including many of the larger regulated firms (funds and trust companies, wealth advisors and insurance companies), legal firms, doctor practices, non-profit organisations, and charities. Our clients are based in Jersey and Guernsey, the Cayman Islands, and the UK.

Board Effectiveness Reviews

One of the cornerstones of effective corporate governance is a board that operates seamlessly and efficiently. The conduct of the Board effectiveness review can take two primary approaches. It can be handled internally by an independent party, such as the Company Secretary, or, as preferred by many regulators, entrusted to an external provider like Virteffic. Engaging an independent reviewer injects objectivity and fresh insights into the evaluation process. By identifying strengths and areas for improvement, we enable your board to function at its highest potential, ensuring that corporate governance standards are met and exceeded.

Corporate Governance Calendar

A well-structured corporate governance calendar is essential for ensuring that all governance activities are executed efficiently and in compliance with regulatory timelines. Virteffic assists organisations in crafting and maintaining a comprehensive corporate governance calendar tailored to your organisation. By providing clarity and structure, the corporate governance calendar enhances an organisation’s ability to meet regulatory requirements and uphold best practices.

Minutes and Secretarial Support

Virteffic excels in the craft of minute-taking, capturing the essence of board and committee meetings with meticulous detail. Our experienced professionals possess an in-depth understanding of boardroom language and terminology, ensuring that every discussion point, resolution, and action is comprehensively recorded. By entrusting Virteffic with your minute-drafting needs, you receive minutes that adhere to legal and regulatory standards.

We can assist not only with writing the minutes but also with all the administrative activities before, during and after the meeting. We will always prepare the minutes efficiently, professionally, and promptly, and with the utmost confidentiality.

How Virteffic can help your business

Virteffic Limited is a leading virtual assistant company in the Channel Islands that strengthens organisations with professional support services. We specialise in drafting minutes, preparing board packs, and  secretarial support services. The team consist of experienced, qualified professionals with hard-to-find skills and long experience in the regulated financial industry. We pride ourselves on being flexible, efficient, diligent, knowledgeable and discrete

We offer bespoke, cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ unique requirements. Virteffic can assist as an extension to your on-site employees.  Or as an alternate, more flexible solution to hiring a permanent administrator or secretarial officer. Our team members act efficiently and professionally with the utmost confidentiality, sometimes eliminating the need for staff members altogether. 

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