This is how Virteffic can help you with Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions

The company secretary is usually in charge of drafting the minutes and resolutions. Sometimes the company secretary also serves on the board. Participants will be able to focus on the agenda, discussion, and content of the meeting when you use an independent minute taker. The meeting may include confidential matters that you do not want a member of staff to hear. An independent minute taker can draft minutes and resolutions whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality.

How can Vireffic help you with minutes and resolutions

Virteffic can assist to ensure that you have a stress-free meeting. The services are fully flexible, and tailored to the needs of your business.

You may want the “full-package” with administrative assistance before, during, and after the meeting. In this event, we will discuss the specific services you require and what documents, contact information, system access is required in order to facilitate those services. The process can then be followed for any future meetings. Ultimately, we hope to create a long term relationship where Virteffic can continue to offer regular support.

Some clients will only need assistance with the drafting of the minutes and resolutions. I (Tess Price, from Virteffic) can attend the meeting in person, by telephone or video call; or you could record the meeting in order for me to prepare the minutes. In some instances, a meeting is required to consider approval of a document or transaction. In this event, the minutes could be prepared in advance of the meeting. Virteffic can also assist to draft written resolutions.

Virteffic will draft the minutes efficiently, professionally, and promptly, and with the utmost confidentiality.

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