Virtual Assistant, Secretarial Support and Administration

The Story Behind Virteffic

Why and How There is a recruitment crisis in the Channel Islands, whilst we also have a high number of ‘non-employed’ individuals. The high childcare costs disincentives women, in particular, from working full-time or working at all. By offering unique roles, we access a greater pool of people.  I work extremely hard to build a business model …

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3 Years!

⭐ 3 years⭐ almost 20 team members in Jersey & Guernsey⭐ great clients⭐ thousands of sets of minutes In the blink of an eye, three years have passed… What started as a small one-man-show during the pandemic has grown to a sizeable team – not only in numbers but also in talent, expertise, dedication and …

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Thank you for your interest

We have had such an overwhelming response for our minute writer and junior administrator roles. We appreciate everyone taking an interest in Virteffic and wishing to work with us.  We are in the final stages of the recruitment process and have therefore closed the positions we recently published. Ensure you are following us, so that …

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How does it work?

Virteffic Limited can assist with projects, secretarial support and administration services. Simply put, we help businesses and charities by doing tasks they don’t know how to do, are too busy to do, don’t want to do, or that would be better outsourced. When you engage with us, you get instant access to our team, who …

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2 Years!

2 years – happy anniversary to us!  It is hard to believe that Virteffic launched just two years ago. This time last year, I had only just hired the first team member (Gemma). I am excited, pleased and proud that we have grown to a sizeable team (and we continue to grow with a new …

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Presentations and Reports

presentations and reports

Presenting ideas, changes, business objectives or results to your colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders is an important task that should be executed meticulously. However, given the busy schedule of work, one often finds no time to work on presentations and reports, or crucial spreadsheets containing charts and figures. You should therefore consider delegating the task. …

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virteffic Virtual Assistant Jersey

A virtual assistant is a person who provides services to other businesses from a remote location in exchange for an agreed-upon fee. Virteffic’s services are fully flexible and tailored to the needs of the client. You can use the services for a couple of hours as a one-off or choose to get regular support as frequently as you wish. You only pay for the time you require, and there will be no other costs such as overhead costs, insurance fees, social security, pension cost, etc. Virteffic simply raises an invoice in accordance with the agreed-upon fee and you can terminate the engagement at any time.