Feeling Connected – How To Create A Community In The Workplace


April is Stress Awareness Month and the theme is ‘Community’.

Close relationships with friends and family can add up to 7 years to our lives. That’s the same benefit as giving up smoking!


Virteffic was established in the first year of the pandemic and we work remotely and flexibly, as a result, we don’t have an office space to create a physical community in order to have that social ‘chit-chat’ you would usually have in a workplace. We are in our infancy and have several things we do to create community in the workplace, we have a group goal of supporting businesses and providing the best solutions efficiently which we manage through regular check points, monthly meetings and connect through social and sports events.

Flexibility is a key element to our business which allows us to form regular daily connections with family and friends, more than a traditional 9-5 job. We decide on our hours which means we have a great work-life balance, and the role fits around us.

Another form of connection we experience working from home is with our pets. ‘The Pet Effect’ , is a known happiness which is the communication you have with your pets throughout the day. They help reduce stress levels, increase productivity and exercise and have an added health benefit of cuddle breaks. Check our social media accounts later this week to see our fur-workers in all their glory!

The last two years we have seen the community come together but the feeling of connection and community has dwindled the longer we’ve been isolated.

The world is now getting back to a new equilibrium; we can work together in the same space, grab a coffee with someone we haven’t seen/spoken to in a while, travel to see people that we’ve been cut off from and finally get on that holiday which has been rebooked multiple times.

8 ways you can create a community in the workplace and build connections

  1. Touch base with a team member a day
  2. Send a card/note/email to show you value them
  3. Create time and mental space to listen to the challenges your colleagues face
  4. Talk to someone at work you have rarely talked to before
  5. Compliment someone at work to boost morale
  6. Plan some time each week/month to meet with your team informally
  7. Do an ice breaker to learn more about your colleagues
  8. Create a ‘people’ focus group to discuss the challenges and needs of your staff

A lot of people are experiencing burnout with the changes over the last couple of years and the way of working has changed for many which means creating the feeling of a community at work can be difficult. There is no need to let yourself or your employees become overwhelmed and exhausted.

Virteffic can help relieve some of the stress allowing you to concentrate on the main elements of your business. Whether it’s helping with a project that needs completing, finalising minutes or preparations or the day-to-day administration.

This is not an exhaustive list; please get in touch to see how we can help you.

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