Our top tips for the less experienced company secretary

Recommended as a face-to-face course delivered one-to-one. The attendee can provide specific examples of minutes and tasks before the course date so that we can go through the questions in our session. 

Virteffic would review your in-house minute templates and meeting and minute policies and procedures before tailoring a course that is suitable for your requirements. We would also provide useful checklists and templates.

We suggest that the syllabus include the following (touching on the statutory requirements and what is required under your in-house policies and procedures): 

The Basics (30 minutes)

  • What is a company.
  • Shares, shareholders and the register of members.
  • The Board, the directors and the register of directors.
  • The articles of association.
  • What is a committee. 
  • The terms of reference.

Before the meeting (1 hour)

  • types of meetings;
  • notice and quorum;
  • the agenda;
  • preparing for a board meeting;
  • meeting arrangements;
  • what is required under your in-house policies and procedures and how to use your precedents; 
  • tips and tricks; 
  • checklist that can be used after the course; and 
  • questions and answers.

During the meeting (1 hour)

  • how to best prepare;
  • tips and tricks for note taking;
  • listening – more than just hearing; 
  • questions and answers.

After the meeting (1 hour)

  • what goes on the front page of the minutes – and what does it all mean;
  • translating notes into minutes;
  • matters arising;
  • proofreading;
  • circulating the minutes and actions;
  • planning for the next meeting – what can be improved; and 
  • questions and answers. 
The above sets our the recommended length per session. You can choose to purchase all modules as a half-day course, for the modules to be delivered in two or four separate sessions, or pick and choose the module(s) that you think would be most beneficial. We can make the course lighter (shorter) or more in-depth (longer). 

How Virteffic can help with your training needs

Our courses can help you train your new colleagues, enhance the skillsets of your established employees, and reinforce procedures specific to your company.

Virteffic Limited  has a team of qualified chartered secretaries and experienced individuals. Together, we develop training courses that touch on the statutory requirements (in Jersey, Guernsey, UK or the Cayman Islands) whilst also giving useful “Tips and Tricks” and guidance through your in-house policies, procedures and precedents. You choose how the course is to be delivered, and whichever option you choose, we make sure it is interactive and easily absorbed. 

We can offer a bespoke solution to fit your needs. Please complete our simple request form to provide us with the below details we need to provide a fixed fee proposal. The number of sessions and the length of sessions will depend on what you want the course to cover.

How does it work?

Your organization can benefit from custom in-house training sessions tailored to your specific needs. Practical knowledge and skills are applied to real-life situations.

Our bespoke training courses are suitable to support:

  • Secretarial officers, governance administrators, and anyone who is responsible for coordinating meetings and taking minutes for companies or committees.
  • Directors or anyone on the path of becoming a director.

It is helpful to receive further information about the attendee(s) to tailor the training plan accordingly. We recommend that separate group training sessions be held for each level where possible, as the training delivered to someone with no experience would be very different from someone who is receiving training at the board level.

The training can be delivered face-to-face or virtually via Teams. We can also set up online training sessions with quiz functions (minimum 2 months’ notice required).

Find Out More

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Get in Touch for a confidential chat about your requirements and possible solutions. Fill out our simple request form to provide us with the information we need to provide a fixed fee estimate.

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