Strengthening Cyber Security: August Training Insights

At Virteffic, the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity practices is ingrained in our culture. As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding our data and digital assets, all team members are required to complete monthly training sessions. This month, we delved into two crucial areas of cyber security: “Phishing: Don’t Get Reeled In” and “Mobile Device Security.” In this article, we share the key takeaways from our training and how these insights enhance our cyber security measures. 

Phishing: Don’t Get Reeled In

Phishing attacks remain one of the most prevalent cyber threats, targeting both individuals and organisations. During our training session, we explored the different forms of phishing, including email, SMS, and voice phishing (vishing). Understanding the common tactics used by attackers is essential for recognising and thwarting these malicious attempts. The training emphasised the significance of:

  1. Vigilance: Staying alert and cautious when handling emails, especially those containing unfamiliar links or requests for sensitive information.
  2. Hovering Technique: Hovering the mouse over hyperlinks to verify their true destination before clicking on them.
  3. Reporting Suspicious Activity: Encouraging team members to report any suspicious emails or messages promptly.
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implementing MFA to add an extra layer of protection against unauthorised access.

Mobile Device Security

With the increasing use of mobile devices for work, it becomes imperative to secure them from potential threats. Our training focused on mitigating risks associated with lost or stolen devices, unauthorised access, and mobile malware.

The key measures we follow at Virteffic

  1. Device Encryption: Enabling device encryption to safeguard data in case of device theft or loss.
  2. Screen Lock: Setting up a strong PIN, password, or biometric authentication to prevent unauthorised access.
  3. Regular Updates: Ensuring mobile devices are up to date with the latest security patches and firmware updates.
  4. App Permissions: Reviewing and limiting app permissions to protect sensitive information.
  5. Virtual Private Network (VPN): Encouraging the use of VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi to secure data transmissions.

August Training Insights

At Virteffic, we understand that robust cybersecurity practices are vital in safeguarding our clients’ data and maintaining the trust they place in us. Through our August training on “Phishing: Don’t Get Reeled In” and “Mobile Device Security,” we have equipped our team members with the knowledge and tools to identify and defend against cyber threats effectively.

By fostering a culture of cyber security awareness, we reinforce our commitment to staying vigilant, continuously learning, and adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape. Through these collective efforts, we ensure that our client’s data remains secure and strengthen our resilience against cyber threats.

With each month’s training, we bolster our cyber defence and stand strong in the face of cyber adversaries, safeguarding our valuable digital assets and upholding the highest standards of security at Virteffic.


Security is vital for our business – and yours! 

Security and confidentiality are vital for our business! As part of our cybersecurity strategy, we have invested in all the technology and software required to ensure we can work securely and efficiently. Mitigating risk is crucial for keeping our business protected – and yours.

Find out more about our Systems and Controls 

It is essential to remain vigilant and mindful of potential threats. At Virteffic, we will regularly review and enhance our procedures to ensure our systems and data are kept safe, confidential, and protected from unauthorised access, accidental loss, misuse, and abuse. Visit our technology page to find out more.

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