Our top tips when preparing for meetings

In this series of articles, we will give you our top tips and tricks for secretarial work before, during and after meetings.

In this first article, we will focus on preparation for meetingsThe quote; “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” holds true for all aspects of meetings and minutes. The level of effort required to convene a meeting varies depending on what type of meeting is being held.

Establish what sort of meeting is being held

Meetings are an integral part of professional life, and taking minutes of every meeting is essential. The first step when preparing the meeting invite and relevant documentation is to consider what type of meeting is being held.

There are various types of meetings that may be held. Examples: board meetings (ad-hoc, monthly, or quarterly), Committee meetings (what type), AGMs, etc.

We will concentrate on meetings of the board of directors (the Board) for the purposes of this article.

Who needs to attend the meeting?

Once you have established what type of meeting is to be held and who is to attend, you will need to circulate invites and monitor responses. This will ensure that the relevant people are available to attend and that there will be a quorum present.

It may seem obvious that all board members should be invited to all board meetings. The company secretary and/or minute writer (who may be external) is another key invite. In addition, there are other key persons and subject matter experts who may be invited to some meetings. Attendance is largely driven by the purpose of the meeting and the agenda. Knowing what you want to get out of the meeting is the first step to knowing who to invite to it.

Quorum requirements

A quorum is the minimum number of directors that must be present at any of the meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid. Please note that a quorum must be present to convene a meeting.

So, how do we find this information?

Refer to the Articles of Association or the relevant statutory documents of the organisation. The information will generally be in the section entitled “Proceedings of Directors”, or something similar.

Meeting Arrangements

Remember to book a suitable venue. This is often the in-house boardroom, but could also be an external venue.

Due Notice and Agenda

The notice must be given (usually in writing) to the Board that a meeting is to be held, including the purpose of the meeting (consider the inclusion of the agenda), the date, time and location.

Board Pack and necessary papers

You will need to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in hand. We will cover this area as well as personal preparation for the minute taker in separate articles.

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Courses and Training

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