10 Reasons to utilise the Virteffic Team 

With an increasingly fast-paced business environment, we understand you need a little extra help delivering on essential tasks and keeping on top of governance requirements. Whether you are looking for long-term support or interim cover for holidays, or a little extra support during a period of recruitment, here are 10 reasons to use the Virteffic Team.

1. Time-saving Efficiency 

Virtual assistants save time, which is one of their primary benefits. By delegating your tasks to Virteffic, you can free up valuable time to focus on more critical aspects of your life or business. The Virteffic Team boosts productivity and reduces workload.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Salary, benefits, and office space are just a few of the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. The costs associated with virtual assistants are significantly reduced because they work remotely and are not employees of your business. When you work with a virtual assistant on an as-needed basis, you can save money while getting the benefits of their expertise.

3. Increased Flexibility

We offer unparalleled flexibility at Virteffic. Whether you require support for a specific project or assistance during specific hours, we can adapt to your needs. The scope of the tasks you want to delegate to us can be defined according to your needs, providing you with the flexibility that may not be available with traditional employees.

4. Expertise and Specialisation

Our team possesses specialised skills that complement your requirements, backed by decades of experience. By leveraging our skill set, we can deliver professional guidance and execute tasks efficiently, leveraging our expertise and experience in minute writing, project management, corporate governance, and administration.

5. Enhanced Focus

By delegating time-consuming tasks to Virteffic, you can focus on what really matters, whether it’s developing your business strategy, pursuing personal interests, or spending quality time with your family. Virteffic allows you to prioritise your goals while ensuring the essential tasks are handled competently.

6. Only pay for the time you need

With Virteffic you only pay for the time and services that you require, and there will be no fee to be paid during quiet periods where no work is required.

7. Increased Productivity

With Virteffic taking care of time-consuming administrative tasks, you can boost overall productivity. By focusing on high-value activities, you can achieve more in less time, leading to improved efficiency and output.

8. Scalability

Your workload will increase as your business grows. Virteffic can offer you scalability through our virtual support team, allowing you to expand or reduce our involvement as needed. Whether you require additional support during peak seasons or need to downsize during quieter periods, we offer the flexibility to scale your operations without hassle.

9. Improved Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is essential for overall well-being. At Virteffic, we pride ourselves on delivering this ethos every day and encourage our team members to do the same. We can help you achieve this equilibrium by handling tasks that interfere with your personal time. Delegating responsibilities allows you to spend more time pursuing your personal interests, reducing stress and leading a healthier life.

10. Increased Efficiency and Expertise

Virteffic team members are skilled at utilizing productivity tools to streamline processes. Furthermore, our team stays on top of the latest trends and developments in cyber security to ensure your business is protected to the fullest extent possible. Our expertise allows us to work efficiently and effectively, and by harnessing our knowledge and resources, you can unlock new possibilities.

Working with our team can be a game-changer. From saving time and money to providing expertise and flexibility. Virteffic offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your productivity overall.

How Virteffic can help your business

Virteffic Limited is an independent, privately owned business in the Channel Islands that provides secretarial support and administration services. Our virtual assistants specialise in drafting minutes, preparing board packs, and day-to-day administration services. The team consist of experienced, qualified professionals with hard-to-find skills and long experience in the regulated financial industry. We pride ourselves on being flexible, efficient, diligent, knowledgeable and discrete. 

Simply put, we help businesses and charities by doing tasks they don’t know how to do, are too busy to do, don’t want to do, or that would be better outsourced.

We have become a trusted support firm that assists businesses of all sizes, including many of the larger regulated firms (funds and trust companies, wealth advisors and insurance companies), non-profit organisations, and charities. Our clients are based in Jersey and Guernsey, the Cayman Islands, and the UK.

How does it work?

Virteffic can assist as an extension to your on-site employees.  Or as an alternate, more flexible solution to hiring a permanent administrator or secretarial officer. Using a virtual assistant means lower operational costs without compromising the quality of service. Our virtual assistants act efficiently and professionally with the utmost confidentiality, sometimes eliminating the need for staff members altogether. Virteffic is invested in every client that is taken on, and we will always do our utmost to deliver excellent services.

Our team can work securely in our Cyber Essentials validated secure Microsoft Office environment. Alternatively, you can give us access to your software technology (Citrix, Microsoft Office, VDI or another solution), allowing us to integrate seamlessly with your personnel and systems.

We will simply raise an invoice based on the agreed fee once the services have been performed or raise monthly invoices for longer engagements. As a virtual assistant is not an employee, there will be no additional charges that would be payable if you hired an administrator or secretarial officer. Virteffic is transparent with its pricing and fees, and a detailed timesheet is always provided with the invoice.

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