Smile Always

Smile and be happy! Did you know that smiling can trick your brain into happiness?

Smiling helps reduce the body’s response to stress and lower heart rate in stressful situations. Stress and anxiety can be ongoing challenges, but smiling more often helps the mind and body release stress naturally. 

So next time that the traffic is jammed or the person ahead of you in line is taking too long, consider smiling. It may make you feel better and bring your heart rate down, too. 

I try to always focus on what makes me happy, and to cut out things (or people) with negative energy to keep smiling and create happiness and positive energy.

I also find that having time to focus on what makes me happy, and to recharge my batteries to be crucial for my wellbeing.

Virteffic can assist you and your business with the day-to-day administration so that you can get get more time to spend on what matters the most to you.

Get in touch if you want to find out more about delegating your work, so that you can find more time to do whatever means the most to you.

Lots of love

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