Sports, Social and Wellbeing – July 2022

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Our sports, social and wellbeing (SSW) committee brings enthusiasm and collaborates on a wide range of activities with the ultimate aim to make Virteffic the best place to work. Every month they circulate a newsletter to the team to provide and update on the activities that are coming up.  Any member of the team can suggest an activity that can be discussed at the monthly SSW meeting. 

As Virtual Assistants, we work remotely and flexibly. As a result, we don’t have an office space to create a physical community in order to have that social ‘chit-chat’ you would usually have in a workplace. SSW ensures we come together as a team to feel connected and part of a community outside of work meetings. 


Virteffic has a relay team entered into the Standard Chartered Marathon on Sunday 2 October. Those not running, are signing up to be volunteers for the day to show support for the team and the cause or assist with other functions on or around the day. We will also have a team meal post the run.

We encourage the team to live a healthy lifestyle and to have a good work-life balance, taking the time to go for walks, play sports and take personal time. 

Sports, Social and Wellbeing
Senior management (Aaron our COO and Rich our Director) rocking the Virteffic blue on the court!


This month we have an evening in an escape room booked and a sunset session at the Radisson with drinks, food and tunes on their terrace. This will give us a chance to get to know our new team members.


Since the end of May the team have been attending bi-weekly yoga sessions in Coronation Park with Mel Rabet. Taking an hour out of the working day has benefited the team and been greatly appreciated, and therefore the activity will be continued into the Autumn. 

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