The benefits of using Virteffic for minutes and secretarial support

Minutes & Secretarial Support

Why should you use an external minute writer?

The company secretary is usually in charge of drafting the minutes. However, there are many benefits in using an external resource to assist the company secretary before, during and after the meeting.

For instance, the company secretary might also act as a director of the board. In this case, it can then be difficult to take the minutes of a meeting that they are also taking part in. Notably the company secretary has a key function during the meeting; to assist the board with queries regarding governance and statutory provisions. In addition, the company secretary may be overwhelmed with other tasks, and need a helping hand.

A virtual assistant can assist to ensure that you have a stress-free meeting. In essence, using an independent minute taker will allow the participants to focus on the agenda, discussion, and content of the meeting.

The meeting may include confidential matters that you do not want a member of staff to hear, and you may therefore need an independent minute taker to maintain absolute confidentiality. We adhere to strict confidentiality at all times in our role and act with honesty, transparency and respect at all times.

The benefits of using Virteffic for minutes and secretarial support

Virteffic Limited is a virtual assistant company based in Jersey, that provides secretarial support and administration services. Our local support team collaborate to assist local individuals, SMEs, start-ups, and busy individuals. 

When you engage with Virteffic, you will gain access to the full team of virtual assistants. Most of our team members are chartered secretaries (ICSA qualified). This enables us to draft comprehensive and concise minutes.

The minutes will be prepared professionally, in the format and style that you prefer, and as formal/informal as you wish. In essence you decide if you want your in-house format and templates to be used, or if you want Virteffic to assist to provide the format.

The minutes will be delivered promptly and professionally, without the need to take a member of the group/business away from their core activities.

Virteffic can assist to draft minutes and resolutions for your companies, committees and other meetings without delay. In any event, the minutes will be provided proficiently, promptly, and with the utmost confidentiality.

Our secretarial support services

Not only can Virteffic assist to draft the minutes, we can also support your business with certain other company secretarial areas. For example, our virtual assistants can assist with coordinating board meetings, production of board packs, to summarise actions and to follow up on these before the next meeting.

Virteffic can assist – not only with writing the minutes, but also with all the administrative activities before, during and after the meeting.

Our Chartered Secretaries – Background and Merits

As can be seen above there are many benefits of using an external minute writer such as Virteffic. Are you seeking a freelance minute writer with co-sec experience, to assist you on a flexible, temporary basis – and potentially to provide you with regular long-term support? Our qualified chartered secretaries have strong technical expertise and excellent understanding of the financial industry.

Gemma Foulds
Senior Virtual Assistant
Secretarial Support & Admin Services

Gemma is a chartered secretary (ICSA) with extensive governance and company secretarial experience (+15 years) and a previous senior governance position at a large institutional bank. 

CV & Bio

Tess Price
Director & Senior Virtual Assistant
Secretarial Support & Admin Services

Tess is a qualified chartered secretary and an associate of ICSA with senior management experience in the corporate, trust and fiduciary business in Jersey (+15 years).

CV & Bio

Claudette Taylor
Virtual Assistant
Administration Services

A chartered secretary (ICSA) with experience of working in the Jersey finance industry(+15 years).

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