Virteffic sponsor Durrell Tortoise for Trinity school

Durrell’s Tortoise Takeover

Giving back to the community is very important to us and when we heard about the Durrell Tortoise takeover we knew it was the perfect opportunity to get involved.

This year Virteffic are proud to sponsor a Durrell Tortoise for Trinity school. The school have run a competition for the best design and the finished tortoise will be displayed once finished.  

Virteffic founder Tess says “having a positive impact and supporting local initiatives is very important to us at Virteffic. All staff are encouraged to consider any ESG/CSR activities they may want to be involved in”.

We can’t wait to see the finished design from Trinity school!

Positive Impact

Our sponsorships enable us to connect and engage with the local community in line with our strategic objectives. Since its inception, Virteffic has been actively involved in social and environmental initiatives. We will continue to support areas that our team feels passionate about and that align with our brand and core values.

Members of our team are also encouraged to take part in CSR and ESG activities. Donations enable us to engage our team members, meet our CSR and ESG targets, and empower our local community.

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Do you want support from our team? 

It is always a pleasure to hear about new ways in which we can support our local community. If you would like to apply for sponsorship, we will evaluate your request according to our criteria, core values, and brand fit.

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