Freelance Minute Writer in Jersey

Are you seeking a freelance minute writer with co-sec experience, to assist you on a flexible, temporary basis – and potentially to provide you with regular long-term support?

Virteffic can assist to draft minutes and resolutions for your companies, committees and other meetings. In addition, we can support your business with certain company secretarial areas, such as coordinating board meetings, production of board packs and drafting correspondence.

Why should you use an external minute writer?

The company secretary is usually in charge of drafting the minutes. However, sometimes the company secretary also serves on the board and it can then be difficult to take the minutes of a meeting that they are also taking part in. The company secretary has a key function during the meeting; to assist the board with queries regarding governance and statutory provisions. In addition, the company secretary may be overwhelmed with other tasks, and need a helping hand. The meeting may include confidential matters that you do not want a member of staff to hear, and you may therefore need an independent minute taker to maintain absolute confidentiality.

A virtual assistant can assist to ensure that you have a stress-free meeting. Using an independent minute taker will allow the participants to focus on the agenda, discussion, and content of the meeting.

How does it work for your business?

The role of the minute taker varies considerably from organisation to organisation.

Some clients will only need assistance with the drafting of the minutes. I (Tess Price, from Virteffic) can attend the meeting in person, by telephone, or by video conference call. Alternatively, you could record the meeting in order for me to prepare the minutes.

Other clients will require a much broader scope of services and additional administrative tasks. In this event, we will discuss the specific services you require and what will be required in order to facilitate those services. The process can then be followed for any future meetings. Ultimately, we hope to create a long-term relationship where Virteffic can continue to offer regular support.

In any event, the minutes will be provided proficiently, promptly, and with the utmost confidentiality.

Virteffic can assist – not only with writing the minutes, but also with all the administrative activities before, during and after the meeting.

Variable factors for minute writing services

Types of meetings will vary between different organisations. Virteffic can assist to draft minutes for board meetings, committee meetings, management meetings, trustee meetings, AGMs, and informal meetings.

The minutes will be prepared professionally, in the format and style that you prefer, and as formal/informal as you wish. You decide if you want your in-house format and templates to be used, or if you want Virteffic to assist to provide the format.

The amount of background detail recorded in relation to the decision, and the degree of detail recorded will depend to a large extent on the needs of the client and the standard of each organisation.

Background and Merits

I am Tess Price, the founder and virtual assistant of Virteffic Limited. By way of background, I am a qualified chartered secretary and an associate of ICSA. I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science in both economics and financial administration. I have been working in the private wealth and corporate services industry in Jersey for almost 15 years. This has given me strong technical expertise and an excellent understanding of the financial industry. My expertise is most noteworthy in minute writing, governance, policies & procedures, and in all aspects of company secretarial work. For further background, I invite you to review my Bio and CV.

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