Team Virteffic Newsletter – September 2023

It has been an incredible journey since Virteffic’s inception, and one lesson stands out as truly transformative: the paramount importance of entrusting our exceptional team. Throughout this journey, we’ve encountered and surmounted challenges that come with running a business, and it’s through these experiences that we’ve learned the significance of placing trust in our team members.

Managing diverse team personalities, fueled by unique strengths and perspectives, has been a primary challenge. By cultivating trust and open dialogue, we’ve turned these differences into opportunities for creativity and innovation, strengthening our collective capabilities.

Additionally, the ever-changing regulatory landscape has posed its challenges, demanding continuous compliance efforts. Leveraging our team’s extensive regulatory expertise, we’ve adeptly navigated these changes, showcasing our resilience and adaptability. In the fast-paced business world, shifting client expectations remain a constant challenge. Granting our team flexibility in shaping their work environments has enhanced job satisfaction and proactive client engagement, aligning our services seamlessly with their expectations.

Technical hurdles when accessing client systems have also arisen but have been addressed through teamwork and innovative solutions, emphasising the importance of investing in strong technology in our operations.

Throughout these challenges, unwavering trust in our team has been our guiding light, enabling us to embrace diversity, adapt to regulations, exceed client expectations, and overcome technical obstacles. As we forge ahead, we carry this trust as our cornerstone, empowering us to navigate future challenges with confidence.

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What’s coming up

We are keeping busy with minutes and meetings, which remain our core service. We are also seeing an increased demand for our training services and board effectiveness reviews.

In addition to our professional commitments, we maintain a healthy balance with sports, social, and wellbeing (SSW) activities. These initiatives ensure our well-being, enabling us to provide top-notch service to our clients.

Here’s a summary of our upcoming internal events and SSW activities for the next few months:

  • NED Forum Guernsey – Throughout her career over the last 20 years, Tess has had the privilege of working alongside diverse boards and organisations, both big and small, across various industries. In her unique role, she had gained vast experience from attending and/or drafting minutes for a high number of different board and committee meetings in Guernsey, Jersey and other jurisdictions. During this event, she will unveil her team’s top tips and insights on how every board member can enhance meeting efficiency, support the company secretary, and champion good corporate governance. You will also be able to network with our team as Louise, Claudette and Emma are joining this event too. 
  • We are delighted to welcome a new team member at the end of this month, who will be joining us as finance manager. This expansion of our finance team will significantly enhance our capacity to assist clients with payroll, QuickBooks/Zero reconciliations, and technical reports.
  • Our team is hosting a Macmillan coffee morning at our office on 29 September from 9.00-10.00, which is open to anyone who wants to come and meet with us and support this great cause.
  • Tess, Claudette, Sarah, Emma and Aaron are part of our relay team for the Jersey marathon on 1 October 2023.
  • Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce our participation in the corporate paddle league in November. Virteffic won all its games in the summer league before going out in the semi-final.
  • Preparations for our festive SSW events are also in progress.

We look forward to these upcoming activities and remain committed to delivering excellence in all our endeavours.

News and Insights

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