Team Virteffic Newsletter – October 2022

Hello Everyone

September went by so fast! 

It was a mixture of emotions this month – the happiness at the beginning of the month when we celebrated our anniversary. We also celebrated some new client wins, and continued our relationships with existing clients. I think what impacted me
(and I know many of you) was the sadness on the news of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. Her devoted service is a true

Tess x

Team Meetings

We continue to meet up face-to-face with a monthly team meeting, as well as meetings of our sub-committees and working groups. The team meeting in September was a casual “back-to-work-and-routines-after-summer” meeting where we had some lunch outside after a game of padel. 

The agenda for our meeting in October is combined with the weekly client meeting to have a more focused discussion on the new clients and opportunities, as well as updates for existing and ongoing client relationships. There will also be updates from the sports, social and wellbeing committee, the recruitment team and the marketing committee. 

Articles and Newsfeeds

Did you know that we publish regular updates for Virteffic on our website, and also in other public forums such as for Jersey Finance, the Chamber of Commerce, Digital Hub etc?

Don’t miss out on our recent publications, drafted by TessGemma and Siobhan:


Security and confidentiality are vital for our business! As part of our cybersecurity strategy, we have invested in all the technology and software required to ensure we can work securely and efficiently (it is our highest expense after payroll). Mitigating risk is crucial for keeping our business protected – and yours.

In accordance with our requirements under our cybersecurity insurance policy and our cyber security certification, every team member must complete their cybersecurity training on a monthly basis. We monitor this closely and remind any team members were needed to make sure all is completed in a timely manner.

We have recently signed up with a new cybersecurity provider. This is to make sure that our team receive training for a wider range of topics. 

Team News 

We have recently welcomed another senior minute writer with extensive governance experience to our team. As always, we allow any new team members to settle into their new roles before we introduce them on our website and on social media.  

It is exciting that our team continues to grow. We have a couple of candidates that the recruitment team is liaising with at the moment. It is a luxury to be able to choose who we take on to the team, and we are lucky to continue to receive a lot of interest from individuals who want to work with us.

Virteffic is now registered and licensed as an employer in Guernsey, which opens up a new phase. 

Walking Challenge

Our wellbeing initiative started on 1 September to ensure we got away from our desks and got some fresh air with an incentive to win prizes! 

Collectively we walked over 1.2 million steps (more than 850km). That is the equivalent of walking in a straight line from Scotland to Southampton.

Well done to everyone in the team who took part! 

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