Ms Teams can be a valuable tool to improve governance and aid inclusive meetings

Over the last few years, everyone has had to adapt to working remotely, and the way organisations work has changed. 

The use of cloud technology and innovative solutions have evolved. Microsoft Teams (Ms Teams) is the “chat-based workspace in Office 365” that bring people, conversations, content, and tools together. During the Covid-19 pandemic its use accelerated as it allowed everyone to keep working and to stay connected when working from home.

Most employees have returned to working from the office, although many have more flexible working arrangements. Ms Teams continue to be a very popular software and an important tool to shift successfully from on-site to remote to hybrid working. It can help you to be more organised and employees and team members can collaborate more efficiently and achieve more.

Improve governance and aid inclusive meetings

The directors can participate better in an inclusive and effective meeting where they have access to the relevant documentation. Keeping the board reports, minutes and action points to Ms Teams means that all directors can easily access these documents before, during and after the meeting. 

Ms Teams also allow remote workers to feel included as they can participate in meetings by video conference. 

Key elements that make meetings more efficient:

  • Ensure that all directors have easy access to the action points so that the action log can be kept up-to-date between meetings (this can reduce the time spent in meetings considerably).
  • Provide easy access to all the relevant documents in good time before the meeting so that everyone can prepare and contribute to the discussion. 
  • Record meetings so that the minutes can be prepared and signed off more efficiently.

Key elements that make meetings more inclusive:

  • Share an agenda so that everyone knows what to expect and can prepare accordingly.
  • Send meeting packs at least one week in advance, and follow up with action items so attendees can engage in the meeting and complete their tasks.
  • Begin and end meetings on time.
  • Encourage attendees to use their video functionality.
  • Make it clear who is in the meeting and why.

How Virteffic can help your business

Virteffic Limited is an independent, privately owned business in the Channel Islands that provides secretarial support and administration services. Our virtual assistants specialise in drafting minutes, preparing board packs, and day-to-day administration services. The team consist of experienced, qualified professionals with hard-to-find skills and long experience in the regulated financial industry. We pride ourselves on being flexible, efficient, diligent, knowledgeable and discrete. 

Simply put, we help businesses and charities by doing tasks they don’t know how to do, are too busy to do, don’t want to do, or that would be better outsourced.

We have become a trusted support firm that assists businesses of all sizes, including many of the larger regulated firms (funds and trust companies, wealth advisors and insurance companies), non-profit organisations, and charities. Our clients are based in Jersey and Guernsey, the Cayman Islands, and the UK.

How does it work?

Virteffic can assist as an extension to your on-site employees.  Or as an alternate, more flexible solution to hiring a permanent administrator or secretarial officer. Using a virtual assistant means lower operational costs without compromising the quality of service. Our virtual assistants act efficiently and professionally with the utmost confidentiality, sometimes eliminating the need for staff members altogether. Virteffic is invested in every client that is taken on, and we will always do our utmost to deliver excellent services.

Our team can work securely in our Cyber Essentials validated secure Microsoft Office environment. Alternatively, you can give us access to your software technology (Citrix, Microsoft Office, VDI or another solution), allowing us to integrate seamlessly with your personnel and systems.

We will simply raise an invoice based on the agreed fee once the services have been performed or raise monthly invoices for longer engagements. As a virtual assistant is not an employee, there will be no additional charges that would be payable if you hired an administrator or secretarial officer. Virteffic is transparent with its pricing and fees, and a detailed timesheet is always provided with the invoice.

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