Fostering a healthy work life balance

At Virteffic, the well-being of our staff is a top priority. Virteffic was set up as Tess wanted more flexible working hours and a better life-work balance. Everyone who works for Virteffic is in complete control of their own hours. This opens up opportunities for those who can’t or don’t want to work in a traditional 9-5 office role.

Since we started to recruit and Virteffic grew into a team, the focus has always been to look after and appreciate the team members. Our sports, social and well-being committee was set up early to help with this.

Our working culture 

At Virteffic Limited, we want to foster a culture where career success and happy family life come hand-in-hand.

Everyone at Virteffic work whenever they want, as much or as little as they want – provided that deadlines are always met – and we collaborate to share the team workload. Our team members appreciate and value the freedom and independence that comes from our unique roles. By entrusting our team members with complete flexibility to set their own hours and working environment, we have revolutionised how our business operates. This has resulted in us having experienced and qualified team members with regulatory expertise from lengthy careers in the Channel Islands finance industry who are available to support your organisation.

Our working model at Virteffic, whereby we work where and when we want, allows our staff to have a great work/life balance, and we believe that this approach allows us to be more effective and efficient with our time. This creates a much better morale and atmosphere for both workers and clients. Remote working and flexible working hours could benefit parents in a number of ways, allowing them to spend more time with young children, fulfil more family obligations and also reduce childcare costs. We strongly believe that when employees’ professional life benefits when they achieve a healthy balance between work and home.

About Virteffic

Virteffic is a virtual assistant company that provides administrative and secretarial support services. As virtual assistants, the Virteffic team works as an extension of the client’s in-house team.

The services are provided remotely, which provides great flexibility for the client as well as the Virteffic team. A good life-work balance benefits everyone: our clients, the team, and their families.

Virteffic is an innovative and flexible company that encourages staff to develop and grow with the company and to share their ideas. We want to foster an innovative and collaborative working environment that delivers the best solutions to our clients.

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