Team Virteffic Newsletter – February 2023

Hello and Happy February

I cannot believe how quickly January came and went and that approx. 10% of this year is already passed.

My annual leave last month was much needed, and I have so much energy and ideas for this year. Thank you to my amazing team, who managed everything whilst I was away (and continue to do so) – Virteffic would be nothing without you.

It is great to be back, and it has been lovely to have some face-to-face catch-ups to plan the year ahead both with the full team but also in our sub-committees and project groups.

The additional sunlight and longer days are also giving energy and helps productivity. As always, I want to encourage everyone in the team (including me) to take breaks and go out for fresh air and Vitamin D.

The most exciting news this month is our new office! We are due to move in on 13 March 2023, and this marks a new chapter in Virteffic history. Previously, we have all collaborated remotely, and we will continue to do so. However, our new office will give room for more interactions where team members can choose to sit together. This will particularly work well with project work, board pack preparations and for the training of new staff members.

Big thank you to the team for all their hard work and continuous support!

Team Update

Our team continues to grow, which is exciting. We always allow for our new team members to settle into their new roles, before we introduce them to “the world”. Our newest recruits, Georgina and Annie have been added to our team website section. We will add Lisa’s profile when she is back from maternity leave. 

You will find all our profiles on our website.

To find out more information for any recruitment opportunities; head to our careers page.


We have two roles available in our team: 

Experienced Minute Writer (Jersey only – must be able to attend face-to-face meetings in Jersey) 

The ideal candidate can work at least 25 hours per week, is flexible and can work more during peak times), with most of the hours being scheduled at your convenience. The candidate must be available to attend board and committee meetings when required (face-to-face in Jersey or by video conference such as Ms Teams). 

Senior Virtual Assistant (Jersey or Guernsey)

This role would be perfect for someone who is looking for a good life-work balance as you will be in total control of setting your own hours, provided that the deadlines requested are met. You will generally work a variable number of hours per week (at least 20 hours per week required), with the majority of the hours being scheduled at your convenience. Basic minute writing skills and experience is required, and the knowledge and experience are required to collate board packs, assist with audit request, and file reviews and cover inbox management. We welcome candidates from either Guernsey or Jersey.

Liaise with Tess or for applications or referrals. 

Articles and Newsfeeds

Did you know that we publish regular updates for Virteffic on our website, and also in other public forums such as for Jersey Finance, the Chamber of Commerce, Digital Hub etc?

Don’t miss out on our recent publications, drafted by Tess and Siobhan.

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