Team Virteffic Newsletter – June 2023

Can you believe it’s June already?! We’re fast approaching the halfway point of 2023. That time of year that makes you stop and gasp, “Wasn’t it Christmas just yesterday?”

As we prepare to say goodbye to May and welcome in June, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the mid-year. We are continuing to see interest in our services, and the onboarding team is keeping busy with these opportunities. Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and support. 

The summer months are now ahead of us, and I hope that you will all enjoy some time off to enjoy the sunshine.

Many thanks

Guernsey Update

There are a lot of exciting things happening over in Guernsey as well. Tess had a successful trip over in May and will be going over to Guernsey at least every two months. The next trip will be 3-5 July, for a number of meetings including some candidates for roles in the expanding Guernsey team.

Tess will also attend a couple of events, including a Guernsey Chamber of Commerce (GCC) event on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Virteffic has teamed up with the GCC for a great event later this year, more details to follow…

Team update

As our team continues to grow we thought it was time for a re-introduction to all of our fabulous team members. Starting with our first hire..

‍ She is a governance specialist and has extensive governance and company secretarial experience (+15 years).

  • ICSA Professional – Chartered Secretary/Corporate Governance Specialist
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Law
  • BA (Hons) French Studies

Outside of work, Gemma enjoys family time on holiday!

Since joining Virteffic, Gemma has been involved with various board and committee meetings (drafting minutes, proofreading, preparing board packs and circulating action points). She has also been involved with project work, data entry, completing bank account opening documentation, writing articles, preparing reports and so much more.

Did you know that: 

Gemma is the author behind our current radio advert on Channel 103.

She is also behind the initiative to sponsor the tortoise for the Trinity School for the Tortoise takeover. 

Read more about Gemma here: Gemma Foulds | Senior Virtual Assistant | Virteffic Limited

 Claudette had been working in the Jersey finance industry since 2003 before joining Virteffic in 2021. She has extensive experience in corporate and trust administration. Prior to joining Virteffic, she was a trust manager at a multi-national bank.

  • ICSA Diploma
  • Certificate in offshore administration
  • Higher National Certificate in Tourism Management & Business Management

In her spare time, Claudette enjoys being active and spending time with her family and dogs!

Claudette assists Virteffic and our clients with administration and secretarial support. She has provided various services such as drafting minutes and summarising action points, preparing board packs, coordinating meetings, corresponding with the directors, projects regarding director changes, data entry, reviews, and so much more.

Did you know that: 
Claudette has organised a number of sports and wellbeing activities for the Team, including the Standard Chartered marathon relay in 2022 and 2023, the South Coast walk in May 2023 and she is also organising the Island Walk for June 2023.

Claudette is also the author of one of our most popular articles about being a working parent working at Virteffic.

Read more about Claudette here: Claudette Taylor | Senior Virtual Assistant | Virteffic Limited


Meet the Team

Networking is important so that we can continue to build brand recognition and grow the business. It is a great way to meet new clients and to meet other businesses within our community. Virteffic has many memberships across Jersey and Guernsey, which gives us access to several events. These events can also help us to stay on top of the trends in the industry, and they can aid to develop and improve our skill set. 

Our team look forward to attend the following events over the next couple of months:

What’s coming up

We carefully monitor the capacity of the team to make sure we have sufficient cover to deliver instant support to our clients and to provide high-quality board minutes within the deadline agreed. There is a variety of internal tasks and projects that the team members assist with during periods when we have less client work.

A summary of key events and activities for the next couple of months.

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