Team Virteffic Newsletter – May 2023

Hello and Happy May!

April was a nice month, with team highlights being the photo session at the Beach Club and also the strategy lunch at the Anchor Club.

We continue to be busy with minutes and meetings whilst also becoming more and more busy with administration work from some of our newer clients, which is great news.

I am looking forward to going to Guernsey this month and will continue with regular visits to our neighbour island as our team and client portfolio continues to grow in Jersey and Guernsey.

Happy bank holiday weekend / Coronation day / Liberation Day! I hope you will enjoy some time off.

Many thanks

Team update

Our team continues to grow and we welcome two new team members this month, which is exciting. We always allow for our new team members to settle into their new roles before we introduce them to on our website along with our other team profiles and BIOs.

Positive impact – Tortoise Takeover

Virteffic has participated in a number of initiatives since the outset to deliver positive social and environmental impacts. Thank you to Gemma who arranged so that Virteffic could sponsor a tortoise for the Trinity school. It was so lovely to receive this update from the school and we cannot wait to see Shelley and Sheldon when they are placed out on the island.

Cyber Security

We are proud to have received the renewal of our certificate of assurance to confirm that Virteffic continues to comply with the requirements for the Cyber Essential scheme. This is evidence that the mitigating controls we have in place are efficient in keeping our business protected and much more difficult to compromise.

Virteffic Limited is cyber security certified
Certification: Cyber Essentials
Certification Number: IASME-CE-035985
Scope: Whole Organisation
Date of certification: 2023-02-21 (renewed from 2022)

As part of our cybersecurity strategy, we have invested in all the technology and software required to ensure we can work securely and efficiently. Mitigating risk is crucial for keeping our business protected – and yours.

The theme for our mandatory cyber security training this month is Homeworker Awareness.

Articles and Newsfeeds

Did you know that we publish regular updates for Virteffic on our website and also in other public forums such as for Jersey Finance, the Chamber of Commerce, Digital Hub etc?

Don’t miss out on our recent publications, drafted by the team throughout April.

What’s coming up

We carefully monitor the capacity of the team to make sure we have sufficient cover to deliver instant support to our clients and to provide high-quality board minutes within the deadline agreed. The workload for our team is heavily influenced by the quarterly board meeting cycles of our clients, as we are much busier during those weeks when many board meetings are held. There is a variety of internal tasks and projects that the team members assist with during periods when we have less client work.

A summary of key events and activities for the next couple of months.


  • Client work has top priority – we have a high volume of meetings scheduled and many minutes to draft.
  • Induction for new team members. 
  • Trip to Guernsey for Tess
  • Team Yoga sessions to commence again for the summer. 
  • Team drinks at the Pavilion and dinner at the Square. 
  • Virteffic has sponsored our team members who are participating in the South Coast Charity Challenge.
  • Emma will be completing her rowing competition in the boat sponsored by Virteffic.



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