Team Virteffic Newsletter – November 2022

Hello and happy November! 

Many of us enjoyed some time off in October, with me going away to Fuerteventura, Gemma finally getting away to Florida (a trip she has spoken about since we first met in her interview) and Emma spending time in Cape Verde. Most of the team also took time with family during the school holidays. 

Taking time off and recovery is so important – and easy to forget when you work as we do. So I encourage everyone in our team to make sure to take some time off – log out of Teams chats and inboxes and re-charge the batteries. It is hard – I know. But much needed. Mini breaks are also good – go for a walk mid-day, book a lovely treatment and take some “me” time while your kids are at school or while everyone else is working. 

My October trip was a mixture of a holiday as well as a little bit of work. It was amazing how well the team was working together on client matters and internal tasks. I feel so lucky that we have such great team members.

I am excited about the ongoing projects that we are working on, which includes our expansion into Guernsey – I see an exciting future in Guernsey. We already draft minutes for several boards and committees in Guernsey, and many of our team members have experience working in/for Guernsey. Virteffic is now registered as an employer in Guernsey, and we have employed our first Guernsey resident team member. The intention is that our Jersey and Guernsey team will act as a consolidated Channel Islands team at the outset to collaborate remotely to service our clients.

Articles and Newsfeeds

Did you know that we publish regular updates for Virteffic on our website, and also in other public forums such as for Jersey Finance, the Chamber of Commerce, Digital Hub etc?

Don’t miss out on our recent publications, drafted by TessGemma, Claudette and Sarah:

Team News 

Virteffic, as a registered and licensed employer in Guernsey, has recruited our first employee from that jurisdiction! 

It is exciting that our team continues to grow, and we look forward to soon introducing our newest team members; Linda (Jersey) and Claire (Guernsey). Linda and Claire have joined the team as experienced minute writers and will assist with our secretarial support and governance services.

We are overwhelmed with the response following our recent recruitment period. We have met with some great candidates and are looking to fill a couple of positions in the team at different levels. It is a luxury to be able to choose whom we take on to the team, and we are lucky to continue to receive much interest from individuals who want to work with us (without recruitment firms or advertised positions).

Catch Ups

Regular catch-ups are important, and we always want to ensure that we stay connected with each team member, discuss any developments, and receive regular feedback.  The intention is that every team member will have regular meetings with Emma or Tess. Everyone (unless they are new to Virteffic) met with Emma recently for this purpose and Talk with Tess sessions are held during November and early December. This will give each team member an opportunity to discuss their experience at Virteffic during 2022 and what they would like to get out of the next year. For the new team members, this will be an opportunity to ensure you are settling in well. 


Security and confidentiality are vital for our business! As part of our cybersecurity strategy, we have invested in all the technology and software required to ensure we can work securely and efficiently (it is our highest expense after payroll). Mitigating risk is crucial for keeping our business protected – and yours.

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